Jessica was so wonderful to work with and she is a life (and sleep) saver! Even though I had read multiple sleep and routine books from before my kids were born, I was struggling to get my 6-month-old twins down for their naps, and they were waking up multiple times in the night. Sometimes I struggled for two hours to try to get my son to sleep. After talking with Jess the first time and creating a sleep plan we were both comfortable with, I started implementing it right away and started seeing immediate results. By the second and third day of implementing the sleep plan, my kids were going down for their naps with little or no fussing, and they were sleeping through the night. Jess never made me feel inadequate, she was very responsive to my questions throughout the two-week consultation, and she was respectful of any parenting preferences I expressed. I would recommend everyone work with Jess…your sleep is totally worth it, and I’m glad I have mine back!
Brittany Melling
Jessica is a lifesaver! After having twins, my husband and I were sleep-deprived and exhausted. We could not figure out why our 5 month old twins wouldn’t sleep for more than a few hours in a row, night after night. We were also scared of the idea of “sleep training” and we had no idea how to do it.
Jessica developed a gentle and manageable plan that we were able to implement with her kind encouragement and enthusiasm. She gave us the confidence to follow through with our plan, as well as great advice on what to do when we ran into difficulties. Within three days, our twins were sleeping soundly through the night and they have ever since (they are almost two now)!! We are forever grateful.
 Maya Grassi
Jessica was a tremendous help when one of our twin toddlers was experiencing sleep issues. My husband and I had a crying and overtired toddler on our hands (sometimes two of them) with a new baby on the way, we were barely holding it together. I came across Jessica’s name through a local multiples group and it was life changing. After some email and phone correspondence, Jessica was able to evaluate our routines and provide very helpful feedback, along with a tweaked sleeping schedule and explanations behind the changes. Within days, the new schedule was working and we were all getting a full night’s sleep again!
My husband and I are extremely grateful for Jessica’s knowledge, support, and professionalism. She taught us a lot about baby’s sleep—it’s a science and not always instinctual for parents. It’s obvious that Jessica has a true love for young ones and a passion for helping them and their families get the best sleep possible. My family is well rested now and so much better off!
Erin O’Hanlon

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