Sleep Consulting & Newborn Care Services

This package is for little one’s over 4 months old to help them sleep through the night and take age appropriate naps.
1 Hour Phone Consult
Customized Sleep Plan
2 Weeks Email/Text Support
This package is to help you start healthy sleep habits from day 1 and carry you through until your little one is sleeping through the night and even help you through any rough transitions.
45 Minute Newborn Phone Consult
Newborn Info Sheet
1 Hour Phone Consult (when baby is 4 months old)
Customized Sleep Plan
Unlimited Email/Text Support
This package is for newborns (under 4 months) to get off to a great start with healthy sleep habits.
45 Minute Phone Consult (can be broken up)
Customized Sleep Tips
Newborn Info Sheet
Unlimited Email & Text support until 4 months old

This package is for families who have previously worked with Good Morning Sunshine but whose little ones have been thrown off by travel or transitions and need some support to get back on track.
20 Minute Phone Consult
Follow Up Notes
1 Week Email/Text Support

Postpartum Doula Services
As a Postpartum Doula, I will help your family transition seamlessly as you bring a new little one into your home. I will support mom physically and emotionally as she recovers from the birthing process while providing education in infant care and feeding. My purpose as a postpartum doula is to leave you feeling confident and empowered as you care for your new little one!
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Overnight, Day Time or Around-The-Clock Care
Singletons, Preemies & Multiples
On average babies can sleep through the night at 4 months old. But what do you do during those stressful sleepless nights before that? As a Newborn Care Specialist I can provide overnight, daytime or 24 hour care depending on your family’s needs. I will help implement good sleep habits as you guide your little one towards sleeping through the night.
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Gift Certificates available upon request.